The LESM Conference – July 28-30, 2015

LESMConferenceI enjoyed participating in the 2nd LESM Conference organized by Tim Burrows.  Tim pulled together a variety of speakers from across the country to address many of the important topics of the day when it comes to law enforcement and social media.

There were 12 different sessions covering a variety of topics for the beginner as well as advanced social media user.  As Tim said, the conference was all about community engagement, establishing relationships and building trust.

The topic I spoke about was "Communicating in a Crisis" which took attendees through a journey, exploring how law enforcement got to where we are today, how we can learn from past incidents like Ferguson and how we can do a better job in the future.  

Text LESM to 66866 to receive your free copy of this presentation. 

International Association of Chiefs of Police, PIO Section Mid-Year Conference – June 22-24, 2015

I had the opportunity to speak to a group of Public Information Officers from across the country at the recent IACP PIO Section Mid-Year Conference in Arlington, Texas.  This conference was hosted by the Arlington Police Department with help from the Fort Worth Police Department.

RC3_6080There were many interesting speakers talking about a variety of topics of interest to those members who work with the media on a daily basis.  Members of the Waco Police Department, Garland Police Department, Dallas Police Department, Erath County Sheriffs Office and the St. Louis County Police Department all spoke about how they managed the media during high profile events in their community.

There were many other outstanding presentations covering a variety of topics including social media, pod casting and video production.

I spoke about "Using Social Media in a Crisis" and talked about how important social media is in today's 24/7 digital world.  As an example, there were over 400,000 tweets about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson before the police said anything.

Media & Social Media Training for Republic of Georgia Police – April 6-8, 2015

Media Relations April 2015In 2012, I had the opportunity to visit Georgia and speak about leadership in the context of starting a police department from scratch.

Recently, I had an opportunity to go back to Georgia and an present a social media for law enforcement and media relations class with Tim Burrows.  We spoke to about 25 of the top media managers of the police department.

We had to conduct our presentation through an Interpreter.  I would estimate that about 7-10 students could understand English and a few spoke it as well. The students were very engaged and they currently have multiple department Facebook pages they manage and were eager to show them off.

Georgia has over 1.5 million people on Facebook.  However, there is hardly any Twitter presence in the county outside of a few individuals and nothing official out of the police department.