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Safety CheckYou may or may not have heard of Facebook Safety Check prior to the attacks in Paris. This feature was first available in 2014 and has been activated a number of times by Facebook for natural disasters. The first time Safety Check was used by Facebook was at the earthquake in Nepal. Since then it has been used several other times for natural disasters all over the world. However, the attack in Paris was the first time Facebook used it for an act of terrorism.

The Facebook Safety Check feature is not visible to users under normal conditions. Instead, it must be activated by Facebook. In case of a natural disaster, and now a widespread terrorist attack, Facebook detects users who have activated their location services for Facebook. In addition, they can detect location by the city in your profile and other factors such as the location of the Internet service you access. If you are in the affected area, you will receive a notice from Facebook asking if you are safe. If you are safe, simply click the button “I’m Safe.” Your friends and family will be able to see that you are safe. Follow this link to read more about this feature and see several screen shot examples.

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