Television Fast

Three weeks ago, Vertical Life Church began its annual fast.  Partners were encouraged to do a fast related to food and a fast from something else in our lives.  I thought about what I could fast from.  I guess I wanted to pick something I would miss but also something that wouldn’t be too painful, so I decided to fast from watching television.

I don’t think I watch a lot of television.  I watch the news most days and a few shows each week.  Most of the shows I watch are recorded on my DVR so I can watch them at my convenience.  Still, I was a little nervous about this challenge.

During my fast, I found I had much more time to focus on more important things and stuff I had been putting off.  In fact, I began some projects that I had been kicking around but hadn’t made time to begin.  As I thought about it, I realized all us have stuff in our lives that take up a lot of our time and we don’t even realize it.  Continue reading

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