Stop & Shake

Over the last several years, the stop and frisk has been analyzed, debated and even litigated.  There is a wide array of opinions about its effectiveness.  In general, law enforcement supports stop and frisk as a great crime prevention and detection tool as do the courts.  However, many in the community do not.  With the conversations and publicity surrounding several officer involved shootings recently, the vitriol directed at police has increased tremendously damaging police and community relations.

In order to strengthen his relationship with his police department, one resident had a simple idea that could have a profound outcome.  The community was Yonkers, NY and the resident was Hector Santiago.  He used a really clever play on words for the program.  The normal police stop & frisk of citizens changed to a citizen stop & shake of officers.  The idea is for citizens to see a police officer, stop the officer and have a photo taken of them shaking the officer’s hand.  What a great idea! Continue reading

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This is a fantastic message for law enforcement!