How to Use Twitter: A Guide for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement's use of social media has skyrocketed in recent years.  According to a survey completed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police in 2014, over 95% of agencies use social media.  When you dig a little bit deeper, you find that only 66.4% of departments use Twitter.  

Social media is an effective tool law enforcement can use to engage their community, build trust and demonstrate transparency.  Twitter is one of the key ingredients for a successful social media program.  Law enforcement using social media is a digital extension of a well thought out and executed community policing philosophy and program.  The police can reach people easier, through the digital world, compared to in-person programs like Citizen Police Academies and Ride-Along programs. 

How to Use Twitter: A Guide for Law Enforcement will take readers through the step by step process of setting up a Twitter account all the way through establishing a successful program for their community.  Additional content is included for those advanced Twitter users who already understand the basics but are looking to take their program to the next level.

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