Ratings and Review Feature on Law Enforcement Facebook Page

Review ImageI have written a great deal lately about the importance of having a strong Terms of Use for government Facebook pages to help minimize the headaches and potential liability associated with negative comments.  Check out a suggested Terms of Use for a Government Facebook page at www.lesmchief.com/termsofuse

Equally important, but not mentioned often, is the ability for a fan to rate a Facebook page and write a review.  This action must be monitored and addressed appropriately by Government Facebook page administrators or the reputation of the department may suffer.

Facebook provides an opportunity for fans to rate a Facebook page between one star and five stars.  In addition to the star rating, fans can leave a written review.  According to Facebook, the review should focus on the product or service offered by the page and must be based on personal experience.  Those fans leaving reviews must abide by the Community Standards of Facebook.  What does this have to do with a law enforcement Facebook page?  I am glad you asked.

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