A Periscope Oops!

screenfaceWe have come to expect people to do really stupid things and post it on social media.  For some reason, people enjoy being ridiculed, being the center of attention or are just too messed up to realize what they are doing.

In a lot of cases, people share posts about their illegal activity and end up being arrested.  The convicted felon posts a photo of him holding a gun.  Another subject sets up a drug deal on social media and is surprised when the police show up.  Illegal activity is posted online frequently.

We as law enforcement are not surprised by these types of incidents.  We have come to expect them.  Frankly, we have seen it all.  However, a recent video posted on Periscope surprised even the most seasoned veteran.

A woman left a bar in Lakeland, Florida and began live-streaming her drive home on Periscope and let the whole world know she was driving while intoxicated.  It was almost comical if it wasn’t so dangerous.  A number of people followed her scope and even told her they were going to call the police.

The Lakeland Police Department was called and an officer used his Periscope account to follow her and used landmarks to identify her location.  Eventually she was located and arrested.  The citizens who called the police should be commended for taking action to remove a dangerous driver off the road rather than taking the easy way out and ignoring it.  The Lakeland Police Department did a fantastic job; using the very app the suspect was using to catch her.

Follow this link to see the video and story.

After 34 years in law enforcement, I shouldn’t be surprised!

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