No Twitter in Georgia

Oktwitter-793050 (1).  I have to admit the title is misleading.  I am not talking about the State of Georgia.  Instead, I am talking about the Republic of Georgia, formerly part of Russia.  Georgia is the birthplace of Stalin and location of his museum.  Georgia is the country that fired its entire police department to get a fresh start.  I recently traveled to Georgia with my good friend Tim Burrows to conduct media relations and social media for law enforcement training. 

The Republic of Georgia has come a long way since the days of Stalin and since they began rebuilding their police department from scratch.  With the aid of the United States, the police department is now a modern, professional police department operating in a transparent manner serving and protecting their community.  They have begun using social media and currently have approximately 15 different Facebook pages across many of their departments.  However, their use of social media ends there.

In general, the people of Georgia do not use Twitter.  That’s not to say no one uses it, but it hasn’t been widely adopted. 

The staff that uses social media for the police is very comfortable with Facebook.  They understand it and use it pretty effectively.  For that reason, they are reluctant to try anything else.  We have explained and demonstrated the benefits of using Twitter but they don’t believe it will work in their country.  They may be right.

Another challenge for them to adopt Twitter is the centralized approval process the department uses for social media posts.  This approach extends the length of time it takes for posts to go live on Facebook and this slower process would surely diminish the effectiveness of Twitter. 

Will Twitter be adopted by the police department in Georgia? 

I am sure it will……someday.

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