Happy Father’s Day!

I woke up on Father’s Day today and thought about both of my children and how thankful I am to be their dad.  Nothing can really explain how being a father makes you feel except being a father.  There is no feeling like holding your son or daughter in your arms for the first time.  As your children grow, they move from being totally dependent on you as a father to independence, or at least that is the hope!

As time moves forward, you take pride in all of their accomplishments as they learn to drive, graduate from high school and college, get married, and serve others or a million other things they do, achieve, win, find and have over their lifetime.  As a dad, you celebrate with them no matter their age, child or adult.

Your heart also breaks when your children go through difficult times.  Life sometimes brings heartache, sickness and challenging circumstances for them and as a father, when your child hurts, you hurt and when your child cries, you cry.

Fathers sometime get a bad rap for not sharing our emotions.  However, we do feel and we do care.

Unfortunately, my father died when I was eight years old.  I really don’t remember much about him.  My mom shared some stories and I have some old photos.  I am thankful for those stories and photos.

But on this Father’s Day, what I miss the most are the memories that I don’t have; the hugs; the pats on the back; the times spent laughing and crying; sharing my successes with him; and hearing my father say “great job son”.

If your father is still alive, please take a moment to tell him you love him and let him know how much he means to you.  If there is a conflict between you and your father, take the first step to heal your relationship.  Life is too short to not act today.

I love you dad and I miss you.  Happy Father’s Day!



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