To Post or Not to Post, That is the Question

Most law enforcement agencies that use social media do a pretty good job of posting information that is of interest to their community and adds value.  In many cases, the decision about what to post is pretty easy and in other cases can be difficult.  But what happens when the incident in question involves a public figure?  Several agencies have recently faced this dilemma.

This issue can be very problematic and difficult to handle appropriately.  The public may want to have the information posted citing a right to know or that it is public information and should be released.  In contrast, the public figure in question may argue that the department is treating his or her incident differently than others.  Either way, the agency is put in a bad position.

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Stop & Shake

Over the last several years, the stop and frisk has been analyzed, debated and even litigated.  There is a wide array of opinions about its effectiveness.  In general, law enforcement supports stop and frisk as a great crime prevention and detection tool as do the courts.  However, many in the community do not.  With the conversations and publicity surrounding several officer involved shootings recently, the vitriol directed at police has increased tremendously damaging police and community relations.

In order to strengthen his relationship with his police department, one resident had a simple idea that could have a profound outcome.  The community was Yonkers, NY and the resident was Hector Santiago.  He used a really clever play on words for the program.  The normal police stop & frisk of citizens changed to a citizen stop & shake of officers.  The idea is for citizens to see a police officer, stop the officer and have a photo taken of them shaking the officer’s hand.  What a great idea! Continue reading

Television Fast

Three weeks ago, Vertical Life Church began its annual fast.  Partners were encouraged to do a fast related to food and a fast from something else in our lives.  I thought about what I could fast from.  I guess I wanted to pick something I would miss but also something that wouldn’t be too painful, so I decided to fast from watching television.

I don’t think I watch a lot of television.  I watch the news most days and a few shows each week.  Most of the shows I watch are recorded on my DVR so I can watch them at my convenience.  Still, I was a little nervous about this challenge.

During my fast, I found I had much more time to focus on more important things and stuff I had been putting off.  In fact, I began some projects that I had been kicking around but hadn’t made time to begin.  As I thought about it, I realized all us have stuff in our lives that take up a lot of our time and we don’t even realize it.  Continue reading