Just Getting Started

After careful consideration, I have decided to develop this website and blog.  I did not make this decision lightly.  My full-time job keeps me pretty busy along with my grandson and other endeavors.  However, I have been interested in law enforcement’s use of social media for a number of years.  This interest has only increased over the past year with the negative rhetoric directed at police officers.

I believe law enforcement agencies and law enforcement leaders can benefit from using social media to engage their communities and promote all of their positive interactions and accomplishments with the community.  Although there are many agencies and leaders using social media effectively, I believe there are many more either not using it or not doing so effectively.  I hope in some way I may be able to help.

I am also a student of leadership and communication as it relates specifically to law enforcement.  Both are very important to the success of any law enforcement agency and especially to law enforcement leaders.  We must lead, especially through difficult times.  Leadership, communication and social media are intertwined and dependent upon each other for their ultimate success or failure.

Please bear with me as I continue to learn about the website and perfect all of the functions it offers.

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